All about the Polish Lotto

As with most countries in Europe, Poland also has its own lottery.

That’s right, even Poland gets to enjoy their own brand of this national game. They call it Polish lotto and it has been around for a long time.

So, what’s so great about this lotto and how does it work? Let’s go deep in to the Polish lotto.

When did the polish lotto start?

The lottery in Poland was introduced back in 1956. That might sound early however did you know that the game we call the lottery was invented all the way back in 1612. That’s much earlier than all of the slot games, now digitised and available on diamond jackpots.

It was established in England and the idea behind the lottery was getting the local population to all chip and raise funds for both public and private matters. They did not use lottery tickets as we consider them today. Instead the game was more of a generic raffle.

It wasn’t until 1974 that the lottery started to look like what we consider it today. The invention of a lottery ticket that players can mark was introduced and the game has been mostly standardised ever since.

Poland carried out their regular lotto for years. Fast forward to 2012 and Poland then introduced an extra draw. This is basically and another stake you can make to win another jackpot.

The biggest Polish lotto win came as recently as 2016, with the winner taking home the max jackpot of 57.8 million.

Unlike most countries, the polish lotto hasn’t had a turbulent run when it comes to their lottery and that might be down to how late it was introduced. But how is the game played?

Playing Polish lotto

The Polish lottery game works similarly to other lottery’s in Europe. Players need to buy a lottery ticket, which will contain 6 numbers. These can be chosen by the player or already printed.

During the live draw on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday, 6 numbered balls out 49 are pulled out. The person that wins is the one that matches all of these numbers. Almost like winning a pay line on a slot at diamond jackpots.

There are no bonus balls in Polish lotto. What you see is what you get? Lottery tickets for this lottery costs just 0.1.

Interesting facts about the Polish lotto

It may have taken until 2016 for a player to win the largest Polish lotto jackpot. Here is some other interesting information about this countries lottery.

There you have it. The lotto is a luck based game, however perhaps some of those stats will help or interest you in buying a lottery ticket for the Polish lotto.


Poland might have been a bit late to the lottery party but they have created a lotto that is completely unique to their own population.

Their lotto might not have changed much over the years, but that is a testament to how well they made the game in the first place. There are no bonus balls or anything wild with this lottery game, but the introduction of the extra and mini lotto has made this a game that Poland looks forward to.

If you are getting tired of the same old slots on diamond jackpots, why not throw your hat in the ring for a lottery? After all, you don’t have to live in Poland in order to buy a lottery ticket and take part.