Best Lottery Games Today

Everyone looks to run into some big money one time or another.  That explains the reason why millions of people try their hands on online lottery all over the world. If you are looking to play Lottery and possibly win, here are some of the popular games of Lottery online you can try.

#1 The U.K. lotto

The U.K.’s National Lottery is one of the most famous national lottery games of Lottery online, and it is run by Camelot.

There are several U.K. lottery games, but the main draw, which is called lotto, is a 6/59 game. This means that the lotto picks 6 numbers from the options of 1 to 59. Here six balls will be drawn, plus one bonus ball. The lotto was the only available game until other games were added over the years.

The draw games offered by the U.K. lotto are:

How big does the jackpot get in this Lottery Game?

The size of the jackpot always depends on the number of tickets that are sold. It also depends on the number of times the jackpot has rolled over. However, it usually begins at £2 million, on a Wednesday, and it starts at  £3.8 million on a Saturday. However, it usually reaches some large sums with the rollovers.

The largest jackpot to be won so far from this Lottery was won on the 9th of January 2016 at an amazing sum of £66,070,646, which had to be split between two winning tickets. Just like with most other lottery games, if two people have the same winning number, they would have to share the jackpot equally.

The U.K. lotto is one popular game of Lottery online that everyone should try.

#2 PowerBall

So many people are interested in the U.S. PowerBall lottery, and that explains its popularity, especially considering the prizes offered twice a week in their draws. The largest jackpot that has been paid out to date was in January 2016 when someone won $1.56 billion.  The beauty of this Lottery is that it is a rollover one that continues to grow, and it grows really fast. The Lottery began in 1978 as lotto America and turned into what it is today in 1992.

When is the PowerBall drawing?

The U.S. PowerBall game of Lottery involves selecting five white balls that are between 1 and 59, as well as one red ball that is between 1 and 26. At 10:59 p.m. every Wednesday and Saturday night, at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, winners are randomly selected with two drums. Everyone who has the winning numbers shares the jackpot.

Currently, you can only purchase PowerBall tickets officially in 44 of the States in the United States of America. You cannot buy a ticket from Alabama, Nevada, Utah, Mississippi, Hawaii, and Alaska.

You can play Powerball online

People who want to play PowerBall online can easily choose their five digits for every ticket, or simply opt for a quick pick. Each ticket line will cost you $2. However, online lotteries usually charge more for the service of buying a player’s PowerBall ticket.

#3 Power play Lottery Game

In the U.S. PowerBall, there is also the extra choice of Powerplay, which raises any winnings asides the jackpot (even though you still need a red ball digit to win that). This is the part where the sixth number becomes important. Whenever you match the red PowerBall number, you win. The price here is $1 per ticket line +  the $1 ticket line price.

If you do not opt to play the power play at Powerball, then you’re not eligible for the ticket. What this means is that in reality, your ticket actually costs $3 per line. If you choose to pick only 5 numbers from the section of the white balls of your ticket, the grand prize will be 1 million dollars. Well, that is good money, but it just might be a smarter move to pay the additional $1 and gun for the big jackpot.

#4 El Gordo Spanish lottery

The El Gordo Spanish lottery is a very popular game of Lottery online, and the odds of winning this one are 1 in 100,000. That is, for those who hold a full share entry. The odds of having more than one winner share the Lottery depends on how many series have been printed by the Lottery for that year. 160 series of entries were made in 2013, which meant that the holders of the first price ticket had just one in 160 chances to emerge winner of the full share of the price.

How to play El Gordo lottery online

All El Gordo lottery tickets are sold in Spain.  However, people in countries where gambling online and lotteries are considered legal have the opportunity to play El Gordo lottery tickets online.

Ticketing services have their offices in Spain. After you pay for your ticket online, a representative from the company will then purchase the entry in person in Spain, then have the document scanned and send it to you by uploading it to your account. The proof of purchase is the existing ticket, which is what the office will hold on to in a safe until when the draw takes place.

Players can win significant amounts of money in the Spanish Lottery. Most of the ticketing companies will request that the winners fly into Spain to claim their tickets and collect their prizes from the lottery organization by themselves.

The entries of each betting service, on the other hand, are only valid for use with the companies that offer the service. Players would buy a betting product offered by the company that represents the Spanish lottery format to its full extent.

Players do not get an actual entry to the game; however, they will be rewarded the exact amount if they win with the precise number for each given price tier. For the winner of the grand prize, the betting companies make use of insurance models to payout players the exact amount that the actual Lottery would payout.

Why Play Lottery Games Online?

With this service, players do not have to fly to Spain to have their jackpots claimed. Once the company successfully processes the amounts from the issuer, they have to do is a deposit to the winner’s account.

So, guys, these are three popular game Lottery online that you can try out. Do not hesitate to play with any of them if you feel lucky enough.