Biggest prizes given by Oz Lotto

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What is Oz Lotto?

So what is the Oz Lottery? Well, it is one of the most popular lottery games that Australia has ever had! It’s an easy game to play, but there are some differences to the lottery you may be used to playing. Landing the Jackpot means that you are in the first division. To win that coveted Jackpot you need to land seven winning numbers.

Biggest wins

Now it’s time to take a look at the biggest winners of Oz lottery.

2012: in 2012 four very lucky Australia lottery winners would split their winnings! The total win was a whopping $111,972,151.04. To say this would have changed these people’s lives would be an understatement!

2016: in August of this year one very lucky man bagged a win of $20,000,000. This man was a builder in his thirties at the time, and he lives in Glen Innes. The great thing about his win is that it was from just the one Standard ticket. It was actually a $40,000,000 Oz Lotto draw, so another lucky someone won the same amount of money as him!

This is actually a super fun story, as the man didn’t bother checking the results. The CEO of Oz Lotto actually had to personally reach out to him to let him know the incredible news! He spoke to newspapers and said that when he saw “all those zeroes…. that’s when I started to shake!” We don’t blame him – I think we would be shaking too! He didn’t actually believe what he was being told at first and thought he was being prank called.

He also told reporters that he had never won anything before, well at most he had won a meat tray down his local pub! He had been playing Oz Lotto for a while and had made sure to set up his Autoplay ticket so that he didn’t miss a draw.

Final thoughts

So there we have it, some of the biggest prizes given by Oz Lottery! Do you hope and dream of landing that big Jackpot win? Then we recommend that you give the Oz Lottery a go today! You can play for such little money, and there are some great measures in place like the Autoplay ticket we have just mentioned. This will be useful for those of you that are forgetful! So what are you waiting for? Play over at Diamond Jackpots.