Biggest prizes given by Oz Monday & Wednesday Lottery

Playing the lottery online can be such a rush – especially if you scoop the big Jackpot prize! You could change your life for the better by entering the Oz Monday and Wednesday lotteries. Does this sound good? Then all you need to do next is buy your tickets and decide on your lucky numbers! You can do this over at Diamond Jackpots.

What is Oz Monday & Wednesday Lottery?

So what is the Oz Monday and Wednesday lottery? It is a super popular lottery that has pleased audiences since 1979. The game is simple to play and this contributes to its level of popularity. The game is played with forty-five balls, starting at number 1 and ending at number 45. To be in with a chance of winning the Jackpot you will need to choose six numbers. If you get these right your win will belong to the first tier.

Biggest wins

Now it’s time to check out the biggest prizes from Oz Monday and Wednesday lottery games. Not too much is known about all of the Jackpot wins, but we will take a look at a winning couple from 2018. You never know, it could be you on this list one day! Just head to Diamond Jackpots to purchase your Oz lotteries tickets.

2018: in 2018 a couple won the first tier Jackpot, along with another winner. This meant that each entry bagged a cool $1 million. Not only did they win the first tier, they have also won the third tier 12 times, as well as tier four a massive 15 times! This means that their total winnings stand at $1,004,328.10. I think we can all agree that this is one seriously lucky couple! They had to be called by an official at Oz lotteries as they admit to throwing away their ticket! The couple wish to remain anonymous and protect their identities from the public. But they did do a couple of interviews with journalists about their huge win!

They told reporters that they’ve “been taking these numbers for more than 30 years. We won about $600,000 about 20 years ago using some of the same numbers.” He also said that “I’m a stickler for these things and I never wanted to change my numbers. They’re a combination of the kid’s birthdays and our birthdays.” They have a tip for all of you hoping to win big: play weekly and stick to the same numbers! We think we can manage that.

Final thoughts

We enjoy reading about people changing their lives for the better, especially by winning something as exciting as Oz Monday and Wednesday lottery! These Oz lotteries are super simple to play, and we would recommend playing to anyone who has some change to spare! After all, you never know it could be you on one of the big winners lists some day soon! Head over to Diamond Jackpots right now to enter the next Oz Monday and Wednesday lottery.