Biggest prizes given by Oz Powerball

We all dream of winning the lottery one day, right? It could completely change your life for the better and allow you to buy your dream home or car! That’s what happened for some lucky Powerball Australia winners! In this article we are going to take a look at some of the biggest prizes that have been given by playing Oz Powerball! You can play Powerball Australia today over at Diamond Jackpots, so make sure that you check them out.

What is Powerball Australia?

First up, what is Oz Powerball? Put simply, it’s a lottery that takes place in Australia. It is the largest jackpot lottery game in Australia, and this is what draws so many players in! It’s also a really easy game to play and it creates thousands of winners every week. The biggest win comes from division one, as this is the Jackpot level. To win you need to land the seven winning numbers as well as the Powerball number.

Biggest wins

2009: in this year a $80 million Jackpot was won by two people! One person lived in New South Wales and the other over in Victoria. They split the prize evenly, meaning that they both bagged a massive $40 million. Now that’s a prize we would be willing to share!

2016: this year saw a couple bag a cool Powerball Jackpot of $70 million. The couple are loving grandparents, and they were super excited as they had never won anything before.

2017: a $30 million Powerball Australia Jackpot was split between two people both living in New South Wales. One player bought their ticket on a whim from a newsagent and the other had been trying their luck at Powerball for 25 years. It just goes to show, you never know when you’re going to land that big win! Also during 2017, $55million was won by a group of Government workers.

2018: a man in his twenties won a cool $50 million during this year! He told reporters that he couldn’t sleep once he discovered he won! And the best part was that he didn’t have to split it with any other division one winners. Also during this year a $40 million Powerball Australia Jackpot was shared between two people. One of the winners had also won in the past, in fact she was a division two winner a total of nineteen times. Adding it all together her total winnings come to a massive $20,552,555.15. Can we have some of her luck please?

2019: this is the year that the biggest Powerball Jackpot win is recorded! The lucky mum bagged an incredible $107 million!

2020: so far five people have landed a Jackpot prize! All together their winnings come to a whopping $189.9 million!

Final thoughts

Looking back to the biggest prizes given by Oz Powerball is super fun! Plus it makes us want to buy a few tickets to try our luck. You can right now over at Diamond Jackpots.