Biggest Winners of Lottery Online

With the developments in the internet and technology, play lottery online sites are one of the games that continue to grow online and globally. Playing the lottery is prevalent in almost every country around the world. Seeing as millions of people try their luck every week, not many people believe that it is possible to win big with an online lottery site. If you’re one of those people, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Although a lot of the success stories are not published for security reasons, there are still some surprising online lottery winners that have become popular.

Number 1 Lottery Prize – $21 Million

In August 2016, a Canadian man bagged a surprising $21,054,565 after playing the lottery games with a ticket he bought from Bill Laharty won this colossal jackpot at the national Canada Lotto 6/49, and this set a record as the most significant lottery win in Canada. is the official lottery site in Western Canada, and although he might not have expected to win such a big jackpot, he ended up going home with it. It continued to get better as Canada does not place taxes on lottery wins.

Bill Laharty spent his money traveling around the world, helping out his friends and family, and buying luxury items that he could not afford before.

Second Biggest Lottery Win –  $15 Million

An anonymous man from New South Wales was able to win a massive sum of $15 million in April 2018. He won this jackpot after playing on one of the official government channels, No one knows the identity of this man, but after buying his ticket to play on the most popular lottery in Australia, Oz Lotto, his life changed forever.

He said that he and his wife were going to use his big wins to finish renovating their house.

#3 – $6.4 Million

The winner of 6.4 million dollars was an anonymous Iraqi winner who won this large amount by buying a ticket through No one knows the identity of this man, and he was born in Iraq. He never came to America, but he became famous all around the world after bagging this massive win at the Oregon State Megabucks Lottery. is one of the largest online lottery websites in the world, and it was through this site that he was able to break this record.

The winner did not take the lump-sum option after winning such a large amount of money. Instead, he went for the annuity option, which spread his $6.4 million over 20 years. This way, he was given $256,000 every year. This happened in December 2015, and he will continue to enjoy this massive lottery win until 2035.

#4 – $3 Million

Next on the list is David Smith, a Michigan resident who won a whooping sum of $3 million through the Michigan lottery website. He won this with the Mega Million lottery ticket, and so instead of getting only a million dollars, he was given three million instead because he went for the Megaplier option, which offered a 3x multiplier on all wins.

He and his wife were close to their retirement, and so when he called her to share the news, she didn’t believe it. It seemed like their retirement plans were set with unexpected news.

Jenn Burston Lottery Win – £3 Million

Jenn Burston was able to win a massive sum of three million pounds on the UK National Lottery just after she decided to change her online lottery platform from EuroMillions to the UK Lotto website. After purchasing her ticket, she realized a few days later that she was the winner of three million pounds. The mother of two got an email and saw that the vast amount was caused by the jackpot that rolled over four times.

She won this huge amount in 2014, and she and her husband decided to buy a new house, go on a family holiday, and do many other fun things with the family.

Below Million Prizes – $250,000

In 2011, Katie Hitchcox became one of the first lottery winners to make history from playing online. The forty-two-year-old woman had bought her ticket on the WinTrillions website because she missed playing Powerball and Mega Millions in America. When she moved to the UK, she began to use the WinTrillions website, and she signed up for a three-month Mega Millions subscription. Three weeks later, an email from WinTrillions informed her of her $250,000 second-tier prize. With this massive win, she decided to pay off her mortgage and take her partner on a trip around the world.

Another significant $250,000 win, also from WinTrillions in 2011, was earned by Enrique Ramez, an Ecuadorian. From working in a factory in Ecuador, Enrique Ramez suddenly won this massive amount of money from signing up with this popular lottery website. Unlike Katie Hitchcox, he had to wait for six months after signing up for him to win such a massive amount of money from Mega Millions. Although we don’t know how much he spent his $250,000, it’s probably not in the factory he was working in.


In March 2017, a welder in England called Valentin Z won a surprising prize of 248,000 euros. He bought a EuroMillions ticket on, and this changed his life and that of his family. Valentin Z didn’t win the jackpot at the time but struck gold with the second-place prize after getting six out of the seven numbers correctly. This led to him earning €248,000, and this happened just a few weeks after signing up with 

Can Anyone Win The Lottery Online?

When it comes to the online lottery, anyone can win big. No matter the age or profession, with a little bit of luck, you can win big with playing the lottery online. As these winning stories and more have shown, lottery sites are not a bad idea. You can quickly sign up on any of these sites, use them to play lottery games, and get the opportunity that you might not get when buying the ticket at a store near you.

Remember, anyone can win big with the online lottery!