Can you Play the National Lottery Online?

The national lottery began over 25 years ago. Since then, they have made multiple people millionaires and have donated hundreds of millions to charities and good causes. Keeping up with the times, you can now play your favourite lottery games online. In this blog post, we’ll be taking you through the national lottery story, sharing interesting facts and letting you know how you can play the lottery online.

Where did the National Lottery Begin?

The national lottery was established in the UK in 1994. The first draw took place in November of 1994 and was shown live on the BBC with host Noel Edmunds. A staggering 49 million tickets were bought in the first draw which resulted in 7 jackpot winners, but no millionaires.

The lottery was open (and still is) to anyone aged 16 and above. Tickets cost just £1 and you could pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49. If the 6 numbers matched the balls that came out of the lottery machine, then they would win all or some of the jackpot. Matching 3 numbers gave lottery players a fixed £10 prize.

After the hour-long launch show that featured celebrity guests, many were left disappointed when no one won the £5.9 million jackpot prize. This led the prize to be divided between 7 winners that night. In the first year of the national lottery, over £400 million was donated to good causes and charities.

The Introduction of Online Lottery Games

In 2003, people could now choose their numbers and play the lottery games online. To start with, you could only play on the national lottery website. They could pick their lottery numbers for Wednesday, Saturday, and daily play draws. Playing lottery games online came after interactive scratch cards which were launched earlier that year.

The convenience of buying lottery tickets online appealed to many and the popularity continued to grow. The fact that lotto players could choose their numbers for up to 8 weeks in advance was a huge bonus as that means you never missed out on a game. Nowadays, you can play lottery games on many online lottery sites including Diamond Jackpots.

How to Play the National Lottery Online

Playing the national lottery online at Diamond Jackpots is very easy. First of all, you will need to sign in (or become a member if you aren’t already) to your Diamond Jackpots account and make a deposit. You can then choose which lottery game to play. Some of the lottery games online that you’ll find at Diamond Jackpots include UK Lotto, Powerball, and Bonoloto Spain. We’re going to specifically discuss how to play the UK national lottery.

To play the national lottery, you’ll choose 6 numbers between 1 and 59. You will need to match at least 2 of these to win a prize. Matching all 6 will land you the jackpot. Once you have chosen your numbers, choose how many games you would like to play. When you have bought your tickets it’s time to wait and see if you’re a lucky winner. Come and check to see if your numbers are a match or wait until we notify you if you win!

Facts you Didn’t Know About National Lottery Games

#1 The first winning lottery numbers were 30, 4, 5, 44, 14, and 22. The bonus ball was 10.

#2 The average lottery winner buys 4 or 5 cars.

#3 The youngest person to win the lottery was Jane Park who was 17 years old. She won £1 million on her first purchase of the lucky dip.

#4 The oldest people to win the UK national lottery were husband and wife Dennis and Shirley Banfield aged 87 and 83. They won £18 million.

#5 If you’re from Birmingham, good news, you’re more likely to win the lottery! The national lottery has made 119 millionaires in this midlands city.

#6 6 millionaires are created every week. Get your lottery tickets now!

#7 In true British fashion, most national lottery winners celebrate with a cup of tea.

#8 Holidays, houses, and cars. Those are typically what lottery winners decide to buy with their winnings. Some of the most unusual items bought include a tarantula, a firework company, a wrestling show, a waterpark, and some of the moon.

#9 Apparently (can’t confirm if true) the Queen won £10 on the first lottery.

#10 The least drawn lottery number is 13.

Tips on How to Win Lottery Games Online

We’ll end this post with a few tips on how you can win the lottery. One of the best things you can do to increase your chances of winning the lottery online is to play more often. You’re extremely unlikely to win the jackpot when you buy your first lottery ticket. Play weekly or monthly to drastically increase your chances of a win.

It’s also a great idea to join a lottery syndicate. Get together with your work colleagues or a bunch of friends to pool your money together and buy lots of tickets. You’re more likely to win this way as there are many more tickets than what you would have been able to buy yourself with a variety of possible winning combinations. If you’re not part of a syndicate maybe consider joining one!

Playing different online lottery games may also increase your chances of winning. At Diamond Jackpots, we have lots of different lotteries from various countries. Lotteries in France, the USA, Ireland, and more. Why not try your luck and play one of these to see if you can win? Picking lotteries with a smaller jackpot may also be good as fewer people play meaning you have a greater chance of winning.

Final Thoughts

Playing the national lottery online is great. It’s so easy and convenient. You can buy several tickets weeks in advance and you don’t have to worry about losing your ticket. Feeling lucky? Then buy a national lottery ticket today!