Euromillions in Belgium

The Euromillions is a televised lottery event that takes place in Belgium.

The draw includes players from Belgium, obviously, Spain, the UK, Luxembourg, Portugal and many more. The money that these players all pay toward a lottery ticket is compiled and given to the person whose numbers match the ones drawn during the event. The winner can be anyone from the set of countries that take part in this lottery.

If you are familiar with slot games on diamond jackpot, think of the money that you pay toward a ticket as your stake. The numbers drawn are your pay line. However, since this is a lottery that takes place across a multitude of countries, the odds of winning are much lower.

But what makes the Euromillions Belgium so special? Let’s find out.

Belgium standards

Frist off, a lottery online ticket in Belgium costs players 2.50. There is no limit to the amount of lottery tickets that you can purchase, therefore you can raise your odds as much as you like.

The Euromillions is broadcast in Belgium on Tuesday and Saturday night. This is called the draw. Unlike a regular lottery, there are 5 numbers to match instead of the usual 6. These are picked from a drum of 50 numbered balls.

There are also two lucky stars that act as the lottery bonus. Think of these as a wild symbol in a slot game at Diamond jackpot. These lucky stars help to finish a winning line rather than paying out themselves. However, matching both the 5 numbers plus the lucky stars will reward players with a larger jackpot.

You can win by matching all 5 numbers for the max jackpot, usually in the hundreds of millions but also for matching 4 or even 3.

The lowest pay-out is for players that match 2 numbers.

The Belgium Bonus

If you play the Euromillions in Belgium, you could be in with the chance of a nice little bonus.

Each country that takes part in the Euromillions keeps back a small part of the money pooled by lottery tickets for their government. Of course, there is no rule as to how this government chooses to spend it.

Belgium uses this to set up its own lottery games called the My Bonus. This rewards lotto players with an extra chance of winning in their regular lottery. The Euromillions money is used to pay out an extra jackpot of up £1000 for players that want to participate in their regular draw.

This is great for those diamond jackpot players that are used to chasing a bonus in their slot games.

Ways to play Euromillions in Belgium

The Euromillions lottery is very much the same as a normal lottery. You can pick your numbers at random or use a lucky dip.

A lucky dip is where your ticket contains a random set of numbers rather than those you pick.

Buying a lottery ticket for the Euromillions is no different to buying one for a countrywide lottery.

However, you can play the Belgian Euromillions online. It is as simple as logging on to the site, choosing your numbers and submitting them. No paper, no travel. It is easy as logging onto a casino site like diamond jackpot and playing slots.


When you look at the Euromillions, on the surface it does not seem any different to a regular lottery. Only now it is played with a much larger player base.

Where the Euromillions in Belgium differs is that they can tailor the game to their countries player base. That means adding more ways to play like including an online betting function and also adding their own unique bonus for their countries players.

The Euromillions is a lottery system that aims to include as many people as possible to create a large jackpot. These jackpots are usually in the hundreds of millions range and there is no discrimination for players in certain countries. Therefore, if you are in Belgium, the Euromillions might be something you want to try. There is even a bonus waiting for you in the regular lottery.