How does the Eurojackpot Work?

There are multiple lotteries out there that include more than one country. One of these is the Eurojackpot, a lotto game that takes place over multiple countries in Europe.

The Eurojackpot started 8 years ago in 2012 making it a fairly recent lottery game. They draw the numbers in Helsinki at 9pm.

But this not your average lottery game.

How does the EuroJackpot work?

Well, the Eurojackpot is designed a little different. It was created to pay out more often than other lotto games. With so many countries involved, that can only be a good thing.

There are 50 possible numbers that can be pulled out during the draw. Only 5 will be drawn and player need to match these to ones on their lottery ticket to win the max jackpot.

The jackpot is always a standardised 10,000,000 and will rollover if the jackpot is not claimed. It will rollover all the way up to 90,000,000. Considering a line of 5 numbers costs players just 0.2, those are great stakes, almost as good as the slot stakes on diamond jackpot.

But who gets to take part?

Countries taking part in the Eurojackpot

Since this is a European game, it stands to reason that most of the countries involved in this lottery are from that continent.

These include Denmark, Germany, Italy, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden and many more. But the list is growing. Poland joined the Eurojackpot in 2017 and there are other countries in Europe, like the UK, who are yet to join.

Eurojackpot and Euro numbers

In the Euromillions, another lottery based across Europe, there is an additional bonus number that is drawn that helps players complete a winning row of numbers. Almost like a wild in diamond jackpot slot game. It is called the power ball.

In the Eurojackpot, there are two bonus balls pulled which are called the Euro numbers. This brings the total numbers available to match up to 7.

These numbers are crucial to this lottery games aim to create more winners than the Euromillions as it means that there are 11 tiers in which players can win some kind of jackpot.

You will win a prize for only matching 4 numbers and two Euro numbers or matching 4 with one Euro number. Players that come in 2nd and 3rd can still win a sum that is in the hundreds of thousands.

But it doesn’t stop there. With the Eurojackpot, player can win with just 1 number and a Euro number. It won’t be much, usually around 0.05, but given that a lottery ticket for the euro jackpot is just 0.2, you are still walking away with double your stake.

Therefore, this lottery game does what it intends to do. It creates winners.

Key stats for the Eurojackpot

It might not have been around for very long but the Eurojackpot has created an interesting list opf stats in its time. Take a look at these:

Take all this into account before playing the Eurojackpot. You can even buy a lottery ticket online and so playing has been made all the more easy for everyone. More players means that jackpot will only grow higher.


The Eurojackpot lottery is a suitable lottery online that can easily rival the Euromillions.

I believe that the main reason for this is because of how often players stand to win. Put aside the max jackpot for a second and consider that you stand to win an amount almost every time you buy a lottery ticket. It might not be much, but who doesn’t like winning?

The Eurojackpot might be the new kid on the block, but it is certainly making waves.