How to Play Oz Lotto on Diamond Jackpots

Oz Lotto has been around for over 23 years now, and it’s still going strong! It remains one of the most popular lotteries ever. The great news is that the gameplay is compatible with your mobile devices now, and this means that you can get your Oz Lotto fix while you are on the go! You really can win big by playing this game, with the largest Jackpot to date being an incredible $100,000,000! Are you ready to try and change your life for the better? Then we recommend that you log into  to discover if you can win big!

How do I play?

So how do you actually go about playing Oz Lottery games? This is what this section is all about, and the good news is that it’s pretty easy to get the hang of!

Standard Oz Lotto Entry

There’s a variety of manners of gameplay, and we like that it gives you the freedom to choose. The Standard Entry sees you select seven numbers beginning at one and ending at forty-five. This is then broken off into the Marked Entry and Quick Pick sections. The latter is where your numbers will be randomly generated for you once you’ve chosen the number of games you want to play. This is a great option for those of you that don’t have any special numbers in mind. If you select the Marked Entry option the you will be able to choose your own numbers.

System and Pick Entries for Oz Lottery

Next we have come to the System and Pick entries into the Oz Lotto. Choosing these options will give you the chance to win more than one prize, and in turn, this maximises your odds of winning something! In the System Entry you can play with lots of numbers, all the way up to twenty! In the Pick Entry you are guaranteed a maximum of two winning combinations.

Advanced Entry

Using this entry you can choose whether you want to play future games. This is a handy entry for the Australia Lottery and we appreciate it! There’s also a Subscription Entry that will enter you into your chosen draws anatomically which is useful. Plus the Multiple Entry lets you enter in different draws at once.

How do I win?

Concluding Thoughts

So there we have it – how to play the Oz Lotto! It’s a very easy and accessible game to play. Plus you really can win big if lady luck is on your side. Are you ready to play? Then head over to Diamond Jackpots!