How to Play Oz Lotto Online

Oz lotto is a lottery game based in Australia. It began all the way back in 1994 and has undergone some changes in its time.

The Oz lotto was Australia’s first lottery game and that makes it kind of special.

Here’s why you should give the Oz lotto a try at

How do I play the Oz lotto?

The Oz lotto is a nationwide lotto game that broadcasts on Tuesday nights at 8.30pm. The game started much like many other lottery games where the player has to match 6 numbers. However, ever since 2005 the Oz lotto has become a 7 number game.

So, what does one do to play? First off you need to buy a lottery ticket. There are multiple types of ticket that you can buy. One is a choice lottery ticket. With this the player can choose any 7 numbers that they want to play with. They can be numbers that you remember or hold a special significance like a birthday. It is entirely up to the player. The only limit is that it is between 1 and 45.

Another type of ticket is the quick dip, sometimes referred to as a lucky dip. With this type of lottery ticket the choice is completely removed. The ticket that a player buys has a line of 7 numbers randomly printed. These are the numbers that a player must play with.

You can buy as many as you want. Each line of 7 numbers costs 1.10. Think of this as your stake in a slot game at diamond jackpot.

How does the draw work in the Oz Lotto?

You have a ticket, what next? Well, you need to check the results of the draw. You can tune in to the live lottery games on Tuesdays or visit the Oz lotto site.

Players win by matching their numbers to the numbers drawn. You win the max jackpot for matching all 7 and there is a 1 in 45, 379,620 chance that this will happen.

But it doesn’t stop there. You also stand to win a prize for less numbers. 6 numbers will earn you a smaller jackpot, 5 will earn you less than that and so on. The least amount that a player can win with is 3 numbers.

During the draw, there is also a bonus ball drawn. This acts like a wild symbol in a slot game on diamond jackpot where it will add to a player’s line of numbers to help them win. 3 plus a bonus number counts as a win of 4 for example.

There are so many ways to win with the Oz lotto.

Changes to the Oz lotto

As I mentioned before, the Oz lotto has undergone numerous changes since its inception. This isn’t just the addition of a 7th number either.

The lottery game has had many name changes in its time. You may have heard of another lotto game in Australia called the Super 7’s Oz lotto. This was what this lotto’s name was changed to back when the 7th number was introduced in 2005. However, in another part of the country it was simply known as Oz lotto 7.

I’m sure you might have guessed that this naming system was very confusing. Why would you call a national lottery two different things in different regions?

Don’t worry. The good people at Tatt’s lotto, the creators of this lottery, realised this and so it was changed back to simply Oz lotto back in 2012.


The Oz lotto might have come a little late when you compare it to other countries lottery games but that does not make it any less rewarding.

With its seven number system, the Oz lotto, grants players with more chances of winning than Australia’s regular Saturday lotto. That means more players. More players means a higher jackpot. This jackpot usually stands somewhere in the hundreds of millions and will rollover if it isn’t claimed that week. Who wouldn’t like a slice of that?

The Oz lotto has had some changes to its gameplay and even multiple name changes but one thing has always remained consistent. This is lottery that you cannot afford to miss out on.