How to Play Oz Monday and Wednesday lotto

Australia has multiple lotteries, each one taking place on a different day.

The Oz lotto on a Tuesday requires players to match 7 numbers. That means players have more chances to win.

The Saturday lottery is the big one that features a huge jackpot. This is the one that most players engage with.

But what about the Oz lotto Monday & Wednesday? How are these different and are they worth playing?

Monday and Wednesday Oz lotto basics

Just like the Saturday lottery online, the ones that occur on Monday and Wednesday scale things back to just 6 numbers.

To play you need to buy a lotto ticket. On a lucky dip, or quick dip, ticket, the 6 numbers you receive will be chosen at random.

On a regular lottery ticket, you are able to choose the 6 numbers that you want to play with. Neither variance of lotto ticket offer any more odds to you winning. Some people just find that they have lucky numbers. Kind of like choosing to spin a certain amount of times on a slot game on diamond jackpot.

The cost for both tickets is 2.4. This is your stake as it were.

During the lottery draw, 6 numbered balls will be pulled out of a machine. These can be anywhere between 1 and 45. You win by matching the numbers on your lottery ticket to those that are drawn.

The more numbers you match, the more you win. The player with all 6 matching numbers will win the max prize of up to $1million.

Supplementary numbers

Alongside the initial six numbers chosen during the lottery games online draw, a further two numbers will be drawn. These are called supplementary numbers.

The idea behind a supplementary number is to help players win something with the numbers they have matched. For example, if you have only matched two of the regular numbers you will not win anything. However you will win a prize if you match two numbers and a supplementary number. The worth of a supplementary line is different to that of a regular line. This provides gamers with more ways to combine numbers and win.

Oz lotto Monday and Wednesday in the past

If you are reading this and think that all of this sounds familiar but don’t know why, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation.

Australia’s lottery system used to be divided up into separate territories. In 1979, this lotto was only available in New South Wales and was called the X lotto. When the Oz lottery arrived in 1994, this game expanded to include more territories.

The entirety of Australia was not included in the X lotto until 2006, a full 25 years after its invention. To counteract any confusion that players may encounter when playing the X lotto and the OZ lotto, the Monday and Wednesday lottery game’s name was changed to the Oz lotto. Everything since then has all been kept under that umbrella, no matter what day the lotto is played.

That is why you may have encountered this lotto before. If you want take part in the Monday and Wednesday Oz lotto, the draw takes place at 8.30pm on both days.

Your stakes

One line of numbers in these lottery draws is 2.8. There is no limit to how many you can purchase but there are other ways to raise your stakes.

Firstly, it would be foolish to pick a row of consecutive numbers. If one is drawn, the odds of the next number being consecutive is the same as any other random number. However, the odds of the next being consecutive is less and it continues to decrease with the more consecutive numbers that you have. Random is always better.

Also, you could join a syndicate. Play the lottery as a group and split the winnings. The more of you there are, the more lotto tickets you can buy. That put the odds further in your collective favours.


The Monday and Wednesday Oz Lotto may not be as rewarding as the Saturday lotto and does not pay out as often as the Tuesday Oz lotto but its addition of supplementary numbers and different ways to get involved still make this a lottery worth trying.