How to Play Powerball Australia on Diamond Jackpots

Powerball Australia is one of the most popular lottery games ever! You probably already recognise the Powerball branding of the game, but Powerball Australia has put its own special stamp on it. You can play it on your mobile now as well, which is pretty handy! The biggest win from the game is an incredible $150 million! This really is a life changing win, and you never know it could be you next! Stay tuned for our helpful article on how to play the game. If you would like to play it right away then log into!

How do I play?

So how do you actually go about playing Powerball Australia? Luckily for you, it’s very simple and will take you no time to get the hang of.

Basic Rules

You have two sets of balls to choose from, with the first having one to thirty-five numbers on. The second has numbers beginning at one and goes up to twenty. In the first set you need to choose seven numbers and in the second you need to choose just one Powerball number. This can land you the biggest big, so you better hope lady luck is on your side while you make your decisions!

Quick Pick/ Marked Entry

You can choose one of these types of entries. In the Marked Entry you will make all of the decisions. However the Quick Pick will generate your numbers for you totally at random! This is great for those of you who can be a bit indecisive.

Other information

So what else do you need to know? Well, you can play with something called the Powerhit entry. This will guarantee you the correct Powerball number and it’s always nice to have a guaranteed win! There’s also entries in place like the Pick and System entries. These can increase your chances of winning.

How do I win?

There are nine winning combinations on offer in Powerball Australia lottery games, so let’s take a look at them! Also keep in mind that if you land the majority of winning numbers you can still bag yourself a nice win!

Concluding Thoughts

Powerball Australia is such a fantastic game to play! You can win super big from a really small bet and this can change your life forever! See if you can win big today over at Diamond Jackpots and buy your tickets. Good luck!