Bonoloto Spain


Summary of Bonoloto Spain National Lottery

Diamond Jackpots provides you with national online lottery tickets, including Bonoloto Spain. There’s been an undeniable feeling of victory that comes with purchasing a lottery ticket of a national brand. That feeling is what most Spanish players hold on to when playing the Bonoloto Spain. Bonoloto is one of many lottery games played in Spain and provided by Loteria Nacional.

Bonoloto was first drawn on 28 February 1988 in Madrid to provide lotto games that appeal to every player’s pocket. As a result, Bonoloto was open to everyone with at least 1 Euro, thereby gaining wide traction from Spanish nationals. When Bonoloto Spain was introduced, draws took place four times a week – Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. With some advancements to the game, Bonoloto now draws 6 times weekly – from Monday through Saturday – since 23 March 2015.

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Loteria Nacional – the Developers of Bonoloto Spain Lottery Game

Bonoloto Spain is a product of Loteria Nacional. Loteria Nacional is the national lottery of Spain that provides, markets, and operates different lottery games all over the Spanish territory. Founded as far back as 1812, Loteria Nacional is one of the oldest and longest operating lotteries in the world. \

All games of the Loteria Nacional are anchored on the goal of giving back to society through its corporate social responsibility programs. As a result, some of the players’ winnings are contributed to development programs such as community, quality education, promotion of Spanish culture, health housing, and other basic amenities. Loteria Nacional has other games such as:

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Gameplay in Bonoloto Spain

Bonoloto Spain has a 6 in 49 format, which means that players select their preferred 6 numbers out of a total of 49 numbers provided them. Thus, the draws are made with 6 numbers coming out as the winner. If your chosen numbers come out atop, you go home with a minimum of 400,000 Euros. The game has a roll-over capacity, which means that where there are no wins in a particular draw, the actual jackpot spills over to the next draw.

Bonoloto Spain draws take place at 7 pm GMT on Mondays through Saturdays. All winnings are paid out in cash payments, with a tax levied on winnings from 2500 Euros and above. A ticket does for at least 1 Euro for two lines, which is the minimum available on Bonoloto Spain. You will experience more gameplay on Diamond Jackpots.

Bonus Features in Bonloto Spain

There are two other numbers on Bonoloto Spain, these are:

The Complementario is the number that comes out as the second-tier winner. Complementario is selected randomly within the 6 numbers – players must get 5 of the main numbers alongside the Complementario.

The Reintegro is the last digit on your lotto ticket number. Where the draw result features your Reintegro number, you are issued a refund of your ticket amount.

Bonoloto Spain lottery prize categories

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Last Thoughts on Bonoloto Spain

The idea that Bonoloto Spain has a minimum ticket price of 1 Euro, making it quite affordable for all players. In a more auspicious prospect, Bonoloto Spain is drawn 6 times every week, thereby increasing winning potentials ultimately. You have a complete opportunity of cashing out big on Bonoloto Spain nevertheless. So, you can try out this game on Diamond Jackpots as we recommend it! If you don’t like this one, why not try Euromillions Ireland instead?