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El Gordo Lotto Game Review

Since 1860, El Gordo has been selling lotteries before it became an online lottery website by the name elGordo.com. Seeing as it has been around for a long time, it is not surprising that it has already built a solid reputation for itself in the world of online lotteries. It is known as the largest, leading online lottery in the world because of its vast range of different games and the fact that the lottery always pays on time. TWL Spain owns the online lottery.

All the lottery games in El Gordo can be played by professionals and beginners, as long as they are above 18. The lottery website is also quite impressive with its design, mobile-friendly feature, and lack of ads and a wide range of games. As the most prominent online lottery in the world, El Gordo is well-liked amongst players all around the world.

About El Gordo Lotto Online

The El Gordo lottery website is beautiful, and this is one of the features that attracts players from the national lottery games. It is easy to use by all players, and it can be used on any mobile smartphone. You won’t have to deal with any pop-ups or advertisements when playing on the lottery website. The easy to use the site is one part of the El Gordo lottery website that attracts players. The other great feature is their exciting lotteries.

All of the games on the lottery website are Spanish lotteries, although it offers a wide range of these games that appeal to players globally. Some of these lotteries are the National Lottery, Spanish 6/49, el Gordo lottery, Sunday lottery, football Quiniela and Daily 6/49.  All the games have different rules, but they all have the same betting range. To play the lotteries, the lowest cost is 3 euros while the highest is 30 euros. Although this might look small, you can win as much as 105 million euros and as little as 200 euros.

One thing you should know about El Gordo is that, although they pay early and appropriately, they are also diligent in their taxes. From all winnings, they deduct 20% of the winners after playing a game on their website.

To play on El Gordo, you have to create an account. The registration process is straightforward, and it is essential for all players. Without registering, you won’t be able to use the methods of payment to play the lottery. Although it is a Spanish website, it offers English for non-Spanish speakers. The two languages offered are English and Spanish.

The El Gordo lotto also has other unique features that make their games more exciting and the website more comfortable to use. Here are some of the features.

Remember that you can’t access the methods of payment without creating and owning your account on the website. Once you create an account and input the needed data, it becomes straightforward for you to get all your winnings. The site will show you all the payment options, but it all depends on how much you win. You can play with your debit or credit card. When you create an account, you will need to use your credit or debit card information. If you win more than 3000 euros, you will have to go to the office near you with your identification papers so that you can pick up a check. If the winnings are less than 3000 euros, the website will send the amount to your bank account directly.

elGordo.com does not feature a mobile app for smartphones. You won’t find any app in the store for either android smartphones or iPhones. Even with that, the games on the website can be played on any mobile phone. Seeing as the site has been professionally built, all the games and features on the online lottery can be easily navigated on a phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. This means that you can play the lottery wherever you are and at any time. Whether you’re on the go or in your home, the El Gordo lotto is available.

All online gaming websites need proper customer service in case of emergencies. When you open the website, the home page has listed a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and their answers for all new and current players to see. Without having to call or contact them, you can find the answer to your question on the website FAQ list.

If your answer is not on the FAQ list, you can quickly contact their customer service. Their contact us option is positioned at the bottom part of the home page so you can find it easily. Unfortunately, the online lottery site does not offer a live chat option. On the other hand, it provides an email address, phone number, and contact through the website.

If you’re wary about playing on the El Gordo lotto website, you don’t need to worry. This website is very safe, and it makes use of high technology to protect your information and prevent hacking by any third party. The site is a hundred percent legitimate, and so, if you want to play lottery online, it’s best to play on this than unsafe websites. This lottery website is also verified by Norton secured, which should show you how protected the site is.

Last Thoughts on El Gordo Lotto Lottery Game

If you’re looking for online lottery games from all around the world, the El Gordo lotto website is not for you. This is because if provides strictly Spanish lottery games. But, if you enjoy a good lottery game no matter the country it is from, then you would enjoy the El Gordo website as a safe place to win big.

From the flexible customer service to mobile convenience, this website is topnotch for all online lottery players. The payout is so large that with only 30 euros, you can find yourself going home with millions of euros after enjoying one of their Spanish lottery games. This lottery website is highly recommended for both newbies and professional players.

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