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EuroMillions UK Game Review

The world of jackpots keeps making millionaires within the shortest possible time, particularly in Europe, where there are stringent regulations of prize draws. Some of these jackpots, which are available on Diamond Jackpots, payout outrageous sums of money in winnings, especially jackpots with tremendous reach, widespread patronage, robust financial reputation as well as significant customer protection.

Admittedly, these jackpots may be hard to drop – just like other games of chance – but when you calculate their blazing prospects, you won’t miss an opportunity to sign up for them. One of such high jackpots to confidently put your money on is EuroMillions. With every possible detail explained in this article, you would agree with me that EuroMillions is one the best lottery jackpots to play, if not already the best.

Provider of EuroMillions UK: National Lottery

A mention or description of the lottery games jackpot industry would be utterly incomplete without a worthy place accorded National Lottery. Principally operated by Camelot Group, National Lottery has earned a mark in the gambling industry through its firmly established model. The model includes introducing new draws to spike players’ interest, expanding its reach to a new and broader audience, accepting every person into its varied portfolios, regardless of origin, as well as making all payout as and when necessary.

In addition to Euromillions, National Lottery operates multiple portfolios such as Lotto, Set for Life, Thunderball, as well as Lotto Hot Picks. Currently, the National Lottery has recorded and paid out the highest lottery jackpot wins in UK history. The UK-established company has continued to impact on social work, committing up to 25% of its declared revenues to several charitable ventures in the United Kingdom, such as arts, sports, environment, education, heritage, as well as general philanthropy not within the preceding categories.

Consequent upon the goodwill it has commanded amongst players over the years, National Lottery has been licensed to provide lottery jackpots in over 9 countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Liechtenstein, among others.

Complementing the lottery jackpots are a broad list of existing mobile games such as roulettes, slot games, scratch cards, poker games, keno games, baccarat, as well as blackjacks some of which are as follow:

 About EuroMillions UK Lottery Online

EuroMillions UK is a progressive jackpot that was first drawn in 2004 and has grown to accommodate a minimum win of 14 million pounds (17 million Euros) and a maximum of 169 million pounds (200 million Euros). Euromillions draws are made in Paris, France, twice a week – Tuesday and Friday. The core of EuroMillions UK jackpots is getting 5 main numbers and 2 Lucky Star numbers. Where no win is recorded from a draw, the available prizes are pooled until the next four draws after it; where a winner emerges, he takes it all. However, where 2 winners and above emerge by matching the same numbers, the accumulated jackpots are divided and shared equally between or amongst them, as the case may be. Unlike Thunderball that pays only one winner, EuroMillions UK has been able to split winnings between or amongst multiple winners. The accepted eligibility of players in EuroMillions UK is at least 16 years of age in the UK.

EuroMillions UK Gameplay

To start playing EuroMillions UK, players can select their numbers online or purchase their tickets from duly authorized lottery retailers across the United Kingdom and select which draws they are signing up for. The following jackpot mechanics would be valuable for your gameplay:

Main Numbers

The main numbers range from 1 to 50 numbers from which you are to choose 5 that you would be matching and playing on. The 5 numbers can be selected after you have made your research on frequent numbers, overdue numbers, and high paying numbers. Matching the main numbers entitles you to a win of a prize (which we shall discuss below).

Lucky Stars

Lucky Stars are 2 winning numbers that you select from a range of 1 to 12 numbers of your choice. The 2 Lucky Star numbers are to be matched with the 5 main numbers for you to win the EuroMillions UK jackpot.

Lucky Dip

Otherwise known as Random Number Generator (RNG), Lucky Dip selects some numbers for you at random. The Lucky Dip feature is usually used when you are confused as to what numbers to choose. You can always use it when you feel you want to try something new.

EuroMillions UK Superdraws

EuroMillions UK Superdraws are a set of distinctive draws that provide multi-million-pound wins by giving the jackpot enough time – usually a month – to mature enough. Superdraws traditionally take place at least 2 times, and at most 3 times a year, with proper arrangements made for the draw from the date of its announcement. Superdraw gameplay follows the same format and rules as the EuroMillions UK. Where there’s no winner on the Superdraw jackpot, the prize continues to progress higher till a player wins it, or the jackpot maximum is reached. To play Superdraws, you have to take ample care to study the frequent numbers, best-matched numbers, overdue numbers, and a lot of other factors.

 EuroMillions UK lottery prize categories

Last thoughts on EuroMillions UK Lottery Online

In our comprehensive article, we have been able to significantly establish that EuroMillions UK is one of the most profitable jackpots in the UK, and indeed across Europe, with tens of thousands of winners to attest to this. Ergo, we can easily guarantee that you might be the next headline winner if you start playing EuroMillions UK! If you enjoyed this game why not also check out El Gordo Lotto too?