France Lotto


France Lotto Review

France Lotto is the national lottery game of, well, France. The lottery game has a gameplay similar to games like 6AUS49 and Thunderball. Anyone new to the world of lotto games will get the hang of it after a few tries. The game also offers a substantial payout and nine winning combinations. In 2011, the largest-ever jackpot of €24 million was won by a family from Val d’Oise. Anyone can win with a little luck. Put your luck to the test now with this lottery game at Diamond Jackpots.

Playing France Lotto

France Lotto offers a classic Thunderball gameplay, which lotto lovers are used to. This play lottery games is played with two sets of numbers that give players a better chance of winning. The first set is from 1 to 49, and here, players have to choose five numbers. From the first set, one can already earn a substantial amount.

The second set is where you get the Chance Number from. In this national lottery game, the set is of numbers between 1 and 10. Here, the player has to choose one correct Chance or Bonus Number. The Chance Number is critical in winning, so you should do your best to guess it correctly. If a player gets the five main numbers and the Chance Number precisely, that player wins the jackpot.

Apart from the lottery jackpot, there are other secondary prize tiers. The lotto game is held three times a week; on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings. To start playing, you need a ticket which costs €3.45. The minimum jackpot of the lotto is €2 million, and the great thing about it is that €1 million is added to the jackpot every time.

The lottery results are usually announced minutes after the draw. If you want to be one of the lucky winners, you can start playing France Lotto at Diamond Jackpots now.

Winning Combination

France Lotto offers nine winning combinations, five with the Chance Number. The national lotto gives many people a chance to get from the prize pool.

Last Verdict

France Lotto has all the makings of an excellent lottery game. The payout is massive, the odds are reasonable, and the gameplay is easy to understand. There are many other fantastic lottery games that you will be interested in, and you can check them out at Diamond Jackpots. La Primitiva is another exciting lottery game available on our site; check it out today on our site!