Irish Lotto


Summary of Irish Lotto

The luck of the Irish doesn’t exist only in casino games and Irish folklore; it also exists in lottery games. Irish Lotto is a jackpot draw that has its base in Ireland, and as a result of its overall wonders, it has spread across some other European countries. With highly enticing jackpots and a minimum ticket price of 2 Euros, Irish Lotto has garnered incredible tons of patronage in Ireland and beyond it. Play lottery online today!

The Irish Lotto, as a venture of the Irish National Lottery, was first drawn in March 1988 and has since gone through several refinements and advancements to get to its current position. For instance, the game format draws and maximum jackpot prize have all undergone series of change, making them a delight to Irish players, as well as foreign players.

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Premier Lotteries Ireland – the Developers of Irish Lotto Game

Irish Lotto is a product of the Irish National Lottery. The national lottery, however, sold its lottery license to a private firm Premier Lotteries Ireland for 20 years starting from 2014. The deal was sealed for a whopping 405 million Euros, thereby bringing the lotto brand under the direct management, control, and operation of Premier Lotteries Ireland, though the brand peculiarities are retained.

At the time of founding the national lottery, part of the proceeds, it was agreed and observed, would be channeled to good causes in the society. The good causes covered are the Irish language, sport, and recreation, national heritage and arts, the natural environment, as well as health and welfare. Some other games in the brand are as follows:

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Gameplay in Irish Lotto Lottery

Irish Lotto is quite a simple lotto game that features a 6-in-47 format, whereby a player picks 6 numbers out of 47 numbers. After each draw, 6 numbers come out atop, so a player whose preferred 6 numbers come out atop becomes the winner. So the goal here is to pick the 6 lucky numbers and walk home with the jackpot prize – a staggering minimum of 2 million Euros! That doesn’t mean that only 6 numbers secure you a win, other numbers from 3 upwards will also secure you a win, but not the jackpot prize.

One of the coolest features of Irish Lotto is that in the absence of a jackpot winner, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw, creating a fantastic opportunity for impressive wins. Draws are held twice weekly – Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 pm in Dublin. Where you are unsure of which numbers to pick, you can use the Quick Pick feature that helps you choose numbers electronically.

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Bonus Features in Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto features the following bonus draws:

Irish Lotto Plus 1

The Irish Lotto Plus 1 has the same 6 in 47 format as the main game. However, the highest prize that can be won on is 1 million Euros, with the least prizing giving you a one-time Daily Million draw with only 2 Euros.

Irish Lotto Plus 2

The Irish Lotto Plus 2 also has a 6 in 47 format. The highest prize available for wins is 250,000 euros, while the least is the same in the Lotto Plus 1 draw.

Lotto Plus Raffle Draw

The highest prize here is 500 Euros, with a wide range of special draws boosting the highest prize of up to 1 million Euros. Participating in the Lotto Plus game automatically enlists you into this draw with 4 numbers drawn in this raffle draw. There’s a 4-digit number on your Lotto Plus ticket, if after the draw, the 4 numbers on your ticket come out atop, you win the raffle draw.

Irish Lotto general lottery prize categories

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Last Thoughts on Irish Lotto Lottery

Everything about Irish Lotto is quite charming, from the pocket-friendly entry amount to the minimum jackpot prize. The different bonus games offer quite a massive opportunity for you to win something, even if not precisely what you had in mind. Thus, you are free to try Irish Lotto today on diamond Jackpots and see what you earn yourself! Make sure to also try Bonoloto for more fun!