La Primitiva Lottery Review

La Primitiva is the Spanish national play lottery online that offers unique but straightforward gameplay, favorable odds, and significant wins. Played twice a week, the game is a bit similar to the UK lotto, Thunderball. The most significant win ever recorded in a La Primitiva lotto game was in 2015 when a single ticket in Barcelona won €101 million! If you think you can make history, it’s never too late to try out this lottery games at Diamond Jackpots.

Playing La Primitiva

La Primitiva is one of the leading lotteries, not only in Spain but also in countries around the world who can participate because of the internet. The gameplay is based on six winning numbers and a bonus ball. The six winning numbers are gotten out of the standard 49 balls. To play the lottery, you choose six of the numbers between 1 and 49. If you get all the six numbers right, you win the jackpot. There are also smaller prizes that you can win depending on how many numbers you got right.

Apart from the set of 49 balls in this national lottery game, there is also the bonus ball. This ball is drawn from numbers between 1 and 9. It is usually added to those who win the second prize. The bonus ball isn’t very crucial to your winning as you can get the jackpot without it. When no one wins in La Primitiva, there is a rollover to the next players.

The lotto game is played every Thursday and Saturday, in the evenings, and the lottery results are usually announced half an hour later. It costs one euro to make a bet and start playing La Primitiva.

There are also two ways in which you can place your bets in this lottery game. The first is the single bet, which is where you pick only six numbers. You can keep on playing this until you reach up to a limit of eight bets on one ticket. The second is the multiple bet, which allows you to choose up to 11 numbers. It increases your chances of winning.

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Winning Combinations

La Primitiva offers five winning combinations with odds that give you a chance to win.

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Our Take

La Primitiva is like a standard national lottery game, but with a little twist that spikes up the gameplay. The possible wins of the lottery are massive, and the odds are reasonable. You can play La Primitiva and many more global lottery games online at Diamond Jackpots. Why not also check Irish Lotto?