Review of Lotto 6AUS49

Lotto 6AUS49 is a German national lottery games that was founded over 50 years ago. The lotto takes place twice a week and with two ball pools that give them a chance of winning. The lotto can now be played online, and its highest jackpot winner went home with €45,000,000 in 2007! This could be you! To find out, start playing Lotto 6AUS49 on Diamond Jackpots today.

Lotto 6AUS49 Gameplay

Lotto 6AUS49 is a viral lottery game, not only in Germany but all around the world. One of the reasons why the game is top-rated is because of its ease of play. There are no complications or special rules when playing the game.

In the game, there are two sets of balls that players must choose from. In the first set, there are 49 balls, and the player has to pick six matching numbers. This is where the name of the lotto game, 6AUS49 came from. The second set holds ten balls, and the player must select the Superzahl. This is equivalent to the Thunderball in UK Lotto. If you guess this ball correctly, you can have a much higher jackpot than you expected, so it is an essential part of playing this national lottery game.

Even with the fact that the wins are significant, the ticket only costs €1 to play. This is probably why it is prevalent around the world. You can buy your ticket to the lottery game on Diamond Jackpots now and start playing to win.

Winning Combinations

Lotto 6AUS49’s winning combinations are much like the Thunderball UK national lottery game. The combinations are made up of a set of numbers from the 49 balls and one or none from the other ten balls. When playing this lotto game, it all depends on the Superzahl.

As long as you know the winning combinations, you can target the right balls and start playing at Diamond Jackpot today.

Our Take

Lotto 6AUS49 is very much like the lottery game called Thunderball. If you enjoy that lotto game, you will enjoy this German version. You get the chance to win millions of euros with the right guesses. You can also start playing many more of your best lottery games at Diamond Jackpot now. If you don’t fancy this one though, you can always try Superena Lotto here.