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Mega Millions Review

I could never tell any other feeling more exciting than the prospect of becoming a multi-millionaire in minutes. Jackpots have become a veritable way of racking up the most unbelievable millions in the shortest possible time, through play lottery online. Not only have players scooped millions, but they have also had fun doing so. Yes, the fun and thrills accompanying jackpot draws have made it worthwhile.

From the 1980s, the gambling sphere became a perfectly professionalized outfit, with both jackpot providers and jackpot players adopting absolute responsibility in the gameplay. This responsibility is even made prominent with age restrictions and other restrictions that warn against gambling addiction.

One of such responsible gambling has been provided by Mega Millions of jackpots, with the record overwhelming professionalism they have exhibited over the years. Thus, in this article, we would shed the brightest light on Mega Millions, providing you with every bit of information that relates to Mega Millions for informed gameplay.

Provider of Mega Millions: Mega Millions Group

Mega Millions is a lottery games franchise of Mega Millions Group, a group offering regulated lottery jackpots in various states across the United States of America. Currently offered in 46 states of the United States in line with existing gambling laws and regulations, the Mega Millions Group has been able to master the jackpot craft. The Mega Millions Group to date has paid the highest jackpot in history: a record jackpot win of 1.5 billion dollars. Having been established in 1996 with just six states as pioneer member states (Michigan, Maryland, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia, and Massachusetts), the Mega Millions Group has continued to expand its member states, who are now 46 in number.

In providing the biggest jackpot in history, the Mega Millions Group has fused several models, such as dual cash out options of an annuity or cash option, prompt payout of winnings, transparent draws, high-scale technology for the online players, properly laid out draws, among others. The fact that multiple payouts are equally shared among winners is one feature that has distinguished the Mega Millions Group.

In furtherance of its business across other jurisdictions, Mega Millions Group has given play license to other countries and territories such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, American Virgin Island, among others.  Unlike EuroMillions or Thunderball, Mega Millions Group does not operate other mobile games apart from the lotto- related games such as:

About Mega Millions Lottery

Initially operating as The Big Game at inception and subsequently The Big Game Mega Millions, Mega Millions, as it is known today, was first drawn in May 2002. The Mega Millions is a progressive jackpot that is drawn in Atlanta, Georgia, twice a week – Tuesday and Friday, with a minimum jackpot prize of 40 million dollars. The minimum amount for playing the Mega Millions lottery is 2 dollars. Typical of the progressive jackpot, Mega Millions weekly draws usually crown winners. Still, where there are none, the keeps growing and subsumed in the next draws, whereby winners would take the accumulated prize of the jackpot. Like the EuroMillions jackpot, Mega millions jackpots are shared equally when two or more people match the same numbers on the winning numbers. This means that as the jackpot tickets are sold in multiple jurisdictions, multiple players can win with the same numbers matched, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Typically, Mega Million can be improved with some available numbers in the game, which we shall soon discuss.

Mega Millions Gameplay

Just like most lottery jackpots, the overall gameplay of Mega Millions revolves around having numbers that correspond with the winning numbers. You can play by getting your tickets at one of the many retailers in the 46 member states or approved online outlets. Those in the UK and other jurisdictions would find it seamless playing online. Accordingly, the numbers you will need to play Mega Millions are explained below:

 Matching numbers or White balls

Matching numbers range from 1 to 70 numbers, out of which you are to select any 5 numbers of your choice. Your selected 5 wins you a prize when 2, 3, 4, or all 5 are part of the winning numbers. Despite being a game of luck, doing thorough research on the most frequent numbers and most overdue numbers would help you make an informed selection.

Mega Ball

The Mega Ball has numbers ranging from 1 to 25, out of which you are to select just 1 number of your choice. Your selected Mega Ball number wins you a prize even if it appears alone in the winning numbers. You also get more prize rewards where the Mega Ball appears in combination with any of your chosen 5 matching numbers. The jackpot becomes yours when the Mega Ball appears with all your selected 5 numbers.

Quick Pick

Quick pick generates numbers for you at random. Other jackpots call it random Number Generator. So when you are uncertain of what numbers to pick, the Quick Pick feature does the picking for you.


In the Megaplier feature, the least ticket amount is 3 dollars, where all non-jackpot prizes are subject to multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x your winnings. Your win for the closest matching numbers to the jackpots could be as high as 5 million dollars when you play with the megaplier.

Just the Jackpot

This is a feature that allows a player to wager on only the jackpot prize with a minimum of 3 dollars. So, any prize other than the jackpot is foregone by the player.

Mega Millions lottery prize categories

Last thoughts on Mega Millions Lottery

The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has something for everyone. In the most uncertain scenario, you get your ticket prize back. This is because the prospects of winning are high on the Mega Millions jackpots, with several prizes available for everyone. You can start playing and winning now! If you enjoyed this lottery game, why not also check out EuroMillions UK too?