OZ Lotto


Review of Oz Lotto

Oz Lotto is the pride of Australian lotteries, and for a good reason too. The lottery has been on for over 23 years and has recently become playable on any mobile device. Anyone can win millions of dollars with Oz Lotto. To date, the largest jackpot from Oz Lotto is at a mind-blowing $100,000,000. Eager to win? Visit Diamond Jackpots right now to find some of the best lotto games.

Oz Lotto Gameplay

Oz Lotto offers different ways to play , and this is one of the features that make this national lottery games a favorite among players. Firstly, we have the Standard Entry, which requires you to choose seven numbers from 1-45. This is divided into the Quick Pick and the Marked Entry. The Quick Pick is ideal for indecisive players as the numbers will be generated randomly for them after they select how many games they want to play. Marked Entry, on the other hand, lets you play with the numbers you want.

Secondly, we have the System and Pick entries, which allows you to win across more than one prize division, and it also increases your chances to win. A lot of lottery games offer features like this. The System Entry allows you to play with way more than seven numbers. You can play with up to 20 numbers and increase your chances of winning. The Pick Entry, on the other hand, will guarantee one or two winning combinations when you play.

Lastly, you can also select how many draws and weeks you would like to play the Oz Lotto game. With the Advanced Entry, you can play this Australian national lottery in a future draw.  The Multiple Entry allows you to play your Entry with different draws. Then, the Subscription Entry will automatically enter your draws to ensure you don’t miss anything.

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Winning Combinations

Oz Lotto offers seven divisions with different winning combinations. To win, you have to know the winning numbers you’re looking for.

The higher your division, the higher your wins. Join Diamond Jackpots today to give these combinations a try!

Last Thoughts

Oz Lotto is quite different from other lottery games in its gameplay and winning combination. Although the chances are slim, this only increases the excitement. You never know when you’ll have the winning Entry! Join Diamond Jackpots for this national lottery game and more. Another great lottery game you can play at Diamond Jackpots is the Polish Lotto!