Ozi Mon & Wed Lotto


Review of Ozi Mon & Wed Lotto

The Ozi Monday and Wednesday lotto have been held as an Australian national lottery game since 1979. Most recently, the lotto game is now being played on the internet across different betting sites. Since it has been established, there have been some changes to the gameplay of the lotto game. The most recent changes were added in 2012. Even with this, the lottery offers straightforward gameplay and reasonable odds. You can find out for yourself by playing at Diamond Jackpots today.

Ozi Monday and Wednesday Lotto Gameplay

Ozi Mon & Wed Lotto offers simple gameplay that can be picked up at your first try. The technicalities are straightforward, and this is probably why the lottery is quite popular in Australia. The game is played with a set of 45 balls ranging from 1 to 45. From this single set, players must pick six winning numbers and two supplementary numbers.

The Australian national lottery gameplay is quite different from the classic lottery games. The supplementary numbers determine the prize tiers you get, except the first tier, the jackpot. It is not essential when getting the jackpot, but you should take it seriously as it might get you the second prize. You get the jackpot when you have six winning numbers.

Another thing to know about the Ozi Mon & Wed lottery is that it has a fixed jackpot. The jackpots don’t increase or decrease depending on the prize pool, but it is at a fixed amount of AU$1,000,000. Sometimes, when a Superdraw is held, the jackpot is increased to AU$5,000,000.

The game is played twice a week, while the lottery results are released soon after. You can target the fixed jackpot now and give this game a try at Diamond Jackpots now!

Winning Combinations

Ozi Mon & Wed national lottery offers six winning combinations with very favorable odds. The winning combinations give the players enough room to win as long as they have a good guessing game.

The odds of this lottery game are better than many other games. Take advantage of this and start playing at Diamond Jackpots.

Our Verdict

Ozi Mon & Wed lottery will give you something to look forward to every Monday and Friday evening. The odds are low, the gameplay is simple, and the jackpot is attractive. It has all the makings of a topnotch lottery game. You can play others like it when you sign up at Diamond Jackpots today! Another great Australian lottery you can play here is Oz Lotto!