Powerball Game Review

The Powerball lottery is a popular play lottery games that has been a favorite among players since 1992. The game is played in all the states in the US apart from six, and in Puerto Rico, District of Columbia and the US Virgin Island. The Powerball lottery is the first of its kind to make use of two drums to decide the winners of the lottery. While one drum contains white balls, the other contains one red ball.

There is no limit to winning big with the Powerball lottery. The jackpot is so vast that in 2016, the most significant win in the history of lottery jackpots was on a Powerball lottery. It was worth over 1.5 billion dollars. The Powerball lottery jackpot only starts at 40 million dollars, and so there is no limit to what it can reach.

Apart from the massive wins, other winners can get prizes between four dollars and two million dollars after playing. This can be awarded based on how many numbers a player guessed correctly. Even if you don’t get a jackpot, you can still win millions if you guessed most of the figures correctly.

At 10:12 PM Central Time, all Powerball winners are announced on Wednesdays and Saturdays through television, newspapers, online platforms, and the Powerball website. You can play the United States Powerball online, wherever you are in the world.

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How to Play Powerball Lottery Game

Powerball lottery makes use of two drums. One drum contains sixty-nine white balls, and the other drum includes 26 red balls. At the end of the lottery, only five white balls will be drawn and one red ball. The red ball is called the Powerball, hence the name of the lottery.

After purchasing your lottery ticket, you will pick five white ball numbers and one Powerball number randomly. Then, the winning numbers will be drawn from the two drums. If you got the numbers, you win! You can decide to choose your Powerball number or allow the machine to pick one for you. The Powerball is the most critical ball and acts as the decisive factor for your wins. Whenever you get a Powerball with other balls, your gains are more than when you get only white balls.

Even if the numbers you picked are not in the right order with the winning numbers, you still win as long as they are the same. For example, if the winning numbers are 5, 17, 10, 7, 15, and Powerball 8, and you pick the numbers 5, 10, 15, 7, 17, and Powerball 8, the jackpot will be yours. The prize depends on getting all the numbers correctly, including the Powerball.

To win any Powerball prize, you only have to pick the red Powerball number correctly. Even if the other five white numbers are wrong, you can double your bet just by guessing the right Powerball number. A Powerball card can be purchased for two dollars only. If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can use the PowerPlay option for an extra dollar.

For guessing just the Powerball, you will be rewarded with $4. On the other hand, if you only guess the white balls correctly, you can still get small winnings. For four correct white balls without the Powerball, you get a hundred dollars. For three white balls, you get seven dollars. The largest of this is luckily guessing five correct white balls, and you will be rewarded with a million dollars.

All in all, the wins are between four dollars and one million dollars. Then, if you get all the balls correctly, you get a jackpot, and your gains start from forty million dollars. It features no upper limit too!

PowerPlay Option

With an extra dollar, you can play using the PowerPlay option. If you win a regular prize with the PowerPlay option, your earnings will be multiplied by a number between two and five. If the winnings are less than 150 million dollars, you might even get your wins multiplied by ten. In the case where you get the one million dollars prize for getting five white balls correctly, the PowerPlay option will increase it to two million dollars.

You don’t have to worry about your jackpot. Even with the PowerPlay option, your jackpot size would not be affected. Generally, the PowerPlay option increases your wins, also if you don’t get a jackpot, with different multipliers.

Playing Powerball Online

You can play Powerball online, and even outside the United States! You can decide to do this by buying a group or single tickets online. If you buy group game tickets, you won’t have to purchase many tickets in hopes that you might win. Also, you get 2.5% of the wins that the whole group gets!

If you decide to buy a single ticket and play on your own, you will pick your numbers yourself, buy your tickets and hope you win. If you succeed in this case, all the wins belong to you. It’s always best to purchase your tickets from the trusted online platform 24 hours before the draw. This will allow the agent enough time to buy and upload your tickets. Buying at the last minute will not do you any good. If you’re playing outside of the US, you need to take note of the time zone so that you don’t buy your ticket late.

You can play Powerball outside the United States, even if you’re not a citizen. All you need is a trusted online platform that will do this for you.

Last Thoughts on Playing Powerball

Anyone can win the Powerball lottery. With millions of people playing all the time, you might still win even if it isn’t a jackpot. The lottery cannot be played in Utah, Alabama, Nevada, Mississippi, Alaska, and Hawaii. Apart from these six states, you can play the Powerball lottery all around the world.

To check if you have won, you can watch the Powerball drawing on live TV, check the newspaper, Google the results, or check the Powerball website. You can also check lottery apps or any place that sells tickets around you like a convenience store. With much luck, there’s no limit to how much you can win with Powerball. If you enjoyed this lottery game, then check out Mega Millions too!