Saturday Lotto AU


Saturday Lotto AU Review

Saturday Lotto AU offers you the chance to win up to $4 million every Saturday. Since this is on everyone’s favorite day, the lotto usually has very high participation and so, is very famous around Australia. Sometimes, it holds a Superdraw event, giving you the keys to becoming a millionaire! If you think you have what it takes, join Diamond Jackpots today and play this national lottery every Saturday.

Playing Saturday Lotto AU

Saturday Lotto AU is a lottery game that is straightforward to play. There are no unique numbers or rules that you have to take note of. You only have to hope that you got the numbers right. It is played with 45 balls, and you have to choose six balls and supplementary balls. If you get six winning numbers with two additional numbers, you win the highest lotto prize. You also get a prize if you win up to two matching numbers.

While the Saturday Lotto AU holds every evening, the lottery results are usually announced thirty minutes after, so you know if you won right away. You can play the lottery through a Quick Pick, which randomly generates the numbers for you. If you never know what to pick, you can always use this function. You can also select the numbers by yourself using the Marked Entry.

If you don’t mind paying a little more than $3 for the national lottery, then you can choose the System and Pick entries that increase your chances of winning or allow you to succeed with more than one combination.

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Winning Combination

Saturday Lotto AU offers six winning combinations and desirable odds. Although there aren’t a lot of combinations that you can pick from, you still have a good chance at winning. It would help if you focused more on winning numbers.

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Last Take

Now you have something to look towards every Saturday. With millions of dollars at your fingertips, you have the opportunity to enjoy this exciting lotto game. The best place to do this is at Diamond Jackpots, the top site for playing the best lotto games on the world. Eurojackpot is another awesome lottery with many fans around the world!