Superena Lotto


Superena Lotto Review

Superena Lotto invites you into a world of low odds and simple gameplay for just €1 per bet. The Italian national lottery games is one with unique but straightforward gameplay and promising wins for all players. Since 1997, the lotto game has been ongoing and is still very popular in Italy and other countries around the world. If you want to know why everyone loves the SuperEna Lotto online lottery game, you can find out now by playing at Diamond Jackpots, or you can keep reading to know more.

Superena Lotto Gameplay

Superena Lotto is one of the fewest lottery games with a large number of numbers for players to pick from. The game is played with 90 numbers within the range of 1 and 90. Here, the players have to pick six winning numbers.

Then, there is the Jolly number, much like the Superzahl or the Thunderball in other lotteries. Players pick that particular number out of the remaining 84 numbers after picking the initial six.

This Italian national lottery also offers a SuperStar option. This option allows you to choose a SuperStar number from 90 numbers for just €0.50 extra. If players get the SuperStar number right, picked from a separate set of numbers, they get way more wins. Players can even win big with only the SuperStar number.

Superena Lotto takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and the lottery results are announced soon after that. With this dynamic gameplay, the lottery just became a whole lot better. If you agree, start playing at Diamond Jackpots today.

Winning Combinations

With this lottery game, there are two sets of winning combinations. The first is without the SuperStar number, while the second is with it. Since the SuperStar option only costs half a euro and brings in bigger wins, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give it a try. Here are the combinations without the SuperStar number.

Then, there are the winning combinations with the SuperStar number.

There are fourteen winning combinations, and you could get any one of them as soon as you start playing at Diamond Jackpots.

Last Thoughts

Superena Lotto is a typical national lottery game with a twist that all players love. The payout, winning combination, and the odds are topnotch, giving you the chance to go home with something big. You can give the lottery a try today by logging onto Diamond Jackpots, or check out Powerball Australia instead!