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Before the late 1990s, some real lottery jackpots at the time were fraught with a high level of mistrust, chiefly because of the fact the lottery managers were dubious and, as most people would believe, grossly undisciplined too. Courtesy of concerted reforms, the world of jackpots has had an enormous turn since the advent of disciplined and appropriately sanctioned national lotteries, with issues of late payments or outright inability to pay wins, and all other irregularities duly eliminated; today, you can even play lottery online on sites like Diamond Jackpots, which is a huge evolution!

Since then, jackpots have had their fair share of trust and acceptance by players, who, in all honesty, have a reason or two to keep their hopes high as a mountain when playing them. Such high trust and acceptance are even made more profound with national lotteries sanctioned with the support of the government to provide legitimate gambling to the citizens and residents of a county. In this regard, national lotteries are a course to pursue when one seeks to enrich one’s pockets in no time with one pound or two.

Against the existing backdrop, this article would take a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of Thunderball lottery, how it’s played, and every other detail that players have a stake of knowledge on. Read below for more info, or play lottery games straight away!

The provider of Thunderball: National Lottery

Established in 1993 but started playing in 1994, National Lottery is a leading provider of lotto games with a massive structure that pays out millions of wins to winners every week. National Lottery has risen to become the most popular, most patronized, as well as the most prominent lotto games provider in the whole of the United Kingdom, primarily due to the ingenuity they bring to the table. Over the years, the National Lottery has learned to give back to the public as it enjoys a longstanding reputation of committing to charity 28 pence out of every 1 pound staked on their bounty of games. Their charitable works span several walks of life, such as arts, health, education, environment, philanthropic causes, heritage, and sports, from which tremendous impacts have been recorded in the society.

Thunderball, which is National Lottery’s most popular lottery game, was started in 1999, ever since then, the game has been able to pay out as many wins as possible. National Lottery continues to deploy its vast array of expertise in the provision of world-class lottery services through its widely acclaimed games. Eligibility for playing any National lottery games is 16 years or above. National Lottery’s lotto games or draws are as follow:

National Lottery also has a mobile games portfolio that has the following games:

About Thunderball Lottery

Thunderball is a fixed jackpot that’s played across participating countries and jurisdictions four times a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with a maximum win of 500,000 pounds in each of the four weekly draws. Thunderball game is centered on aligning all the numbers on the card and is played in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and South Africa by eligible players. The fascinating and perhaps alluring feature of Thunderball is that it precludes all sorts of a division of winnings. Therefore, you retain all your winnings to yourself; this feature alone has spiked the popularity and love the game has garnered over the years.

Thunderball Gameplay

Playing Thunderball could be entirely seamless and straightforward if you understand the rules of play. For every draw, there are 9 prize categories, any of which you can win, even though your chances of winning any line wagered is 1 in 13. You have the main numbers and Thunderball.

Main Numbers

The main number will mostly give you a winning combination. The main numbers range from 1 to 39 numbers, from which you have to select your preferred numbers. With main numbers, you have a range of 5 numbers to choose from – part of which, most of which, or all of which must be aligned for a win – depending on what you are staking on.


The Thunderball has a range of 1 to 14 numbers for you to select. Unlike the main numbers that are mostly more than 1, only 1 Thunderball is needed for a win.

Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is there should you decide to go for a random selection of numbers instead of picking them all by yourself. So the machine helps you select numbers randomly using the Random Number Generator.

The 9 Prize Categories, combinations and expected wins

The minimum playing amount is 1 pound. For every game, players’ tickets must have been fully processed before commencement.

Of the prize categories, the least to be won is 3 pounds with only a Thunderball, followed by 5 pounds with 1 main number and a Thunderball. The next is 10 pounds with 2 main numbers and a Thunderball, trailed by 10 pounds for only 3 main numbers. Then you have 20 pounds with 3 main numbers and a Thunderball; next is 100 pounds with only 4 main numbers. Going further, you have 250 above pounds with 4 main numbers and a Thunderball, ahead of it is the 5,000 and above pounds to be won with only 5 main numbers. The highest available win of 500,000 pounds comes when you get 5 main numbers and a Thunderball.

Note that you can purchase tickets either online or at a retailer shop. For winnings on tickets online purchased online, the player has to follow the company’s procedure for payouts. For winnings on tickets purchased at retailer shops, you have to process and validate your ticket with any retailer shop and collect your payouts there as well.

Last thoughts on Thunderball Lottery

With the National Lottery, you have nothing to fear as your money is adequately covered, and your payouts are guaranteed should you win. As we have seen, the Thunderball jackpot has a lot to offer players, with a maximum of 500,000 pounds that’s not to be joked with.  If you don’t fancy this lottery game, why not check Powerball instead?