UK Lotto


UK Lotto

Under the United Kingdom National Lottery Brand, the UK Lotto is the most famous lottery, and this is expected, seeing all it has to offer. The UK National Lottery started in 1994, and since then, it has gone through many changes and tweaks to make it the massive deal that it is today. The lottery online is viral, not only in the UK but all around the world where people can play the UK Lotto online. For every draw, about forty-five million lottery tickets are purchased!

The UK Lotto wins drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On Wednesday, the time is 8 pm UTC, while the time is 7:45 pm UTC on Saturday.

UK Lotto is seen as one of the leading lottery games in the world with its simple gameplay that makes it easy for new and old players to keep up, alluring jackpots that keep players coming and reasonable playing odds. With these, it is not surprising that lottery players all around the world all want a taste of the UK Lotto.

How Do You Play UK Lotto?

The gameplay, as mentioned earlier, is straightforward for all players. When playing the game, you are faced with a pool of numbers from 1 to 59. The game aims to match the numbers. If you want to get a jackpot, you have to match six of the same numbers.

The UK Lotto also added the secondary tier prize feature, which makes it more exciting and different to play. If you decide to play this type of lottery, you will have to match five numbers and a bonus ball. You don’t necessarily have to pick the bonus number as it can be selected for you. If the winning bonus number that was drawn is a match to one of the six figures you picked, you get a prize for second place. If you’re lucky enough to match all the numbers, you get the jackpot instead.

This popular lottery also has five rollover stages that a lot of players hope for. The first stage is the Starting Jackpot, which is won when a player matches six numbers. If no one does, it rolls over to become a Double Rollover. It continues this way as a Triple Rollover, Quadruple Rollover ad the last one is the Must Be Won.

If it finally gets to the Must Be Won stage, the jackpot will be given to all of the second-tier players who won second place. This means that you can win a massive jackpot without matching six numbers.

The odds of winning the UK Lotto is higher than the US Powerball and European lotteries. For the jackpot, your chances of winning are 1 in 45,057,474. The chances of winning the smallest prize which you get when you match three numbers are 1 in 96. The win here is £30. Apart from the jackpot, the secondary prize that you can win is a million pounds, and your chances of winning this massive amount of money are 1 in 7,509,579.

Getting five numbers correctly can only happen with the odds of 1 in 144,415, and the fixed reward here is £1,750. You can also win if you get four numbers correctly. Your odds of winning are 1 in 2,180, and your wins will be up to £140.

As you win big in the UK, you don’t have to think about paying taxes to the government. Under the UK tax laws, lottery wins aren’t seen as income, so you get to keep the whole amount of money that you won. Other taxes might come up if you’re using getting interest from the winnings in your bank account or if you donate the money to others. Apart from that, the initial cash belongs to you with no deductions whatsoever.

If you are playing online and outside the UK, the country will still not tax you, but that doesn’t mean your country wouldn’t too. You should check the tax laws and regulations of the state you’re playing in to check if you will have to pay your taxes on the wins you get from playing the lotto.

The most substantial wins in UK Lotto all happened in 2016. One player won 66 million pounds in January. Another gained 32.5 million pounds in February, and in April, another player won 35.1 million pounds. With the rollover, players can even get wins that are bigger than this. The best thing about this large payout is that the UK Lotto pays its winners at once and in cash.

Playing UK Lotto Online – How to Win

You can play the UK Lotto online and outside the country as long as you make use of a safe online platform. Although their laws say that players should be in the UK or Isle of Man when they purchase the tickets to play, many websites and online agents bring a solution around this. As long as it is a trusted website, you can send the money and allow the agent to buy the ticket on your behalf.

For better convenience, you can decide to purchase your ticket as a group rather than on your own, or you might subscribe to the website so that you would be able to play the game conveniently. Once you win, your earnings will be sent to you by the website.

Last Notes on the UK Lotto

You can win more on the UK Lotto than on any other lottery game in the United Kingdom. The game is pretty easy to play, it offers fixed winnings and large payouts for lower prize tiers apart from the person that wins the jackpot. Apart from their comfortable gameplay and massive wins, the tax laws are also more encouraging to anyone who wants to play the UK Lotto.

The UK Lotto is balanced with every element that an ideal lottery game must-have. It is no wonder millions of people buy tickets every week to keep winning. If you have enough luck and a ticket, you might just win too.