Lottery Games One Must Try

With such a wide range of lottery online games to choose from, there are some lottery games one must try, and some one must not. But with this article we’re going to explore the lottery games one must try at Diamond Jackpots. Lottery games have been around for a long time, it’s clear to see they’ll be a fave among us for more years to come.

Indeed, the rise of online lotteries has made this game more accessible than ever, and with such an accessible way to play popularity of the game continues increasing. Lottery games are now enjoyed by more people than ever before too as advancements in technology mean we can play online lotteries. Read on for lottery games one must try.

Which Lottery Games Have the Best Jackpot Odds?

When it comes to which lottery games have the best jackpot odds, there’s no real way to know for sure. While it’s easy enough to spot patterns, winners of online lotteries are determined at random by a random number generator much like with slot games. The best thing to do is play to have fun rather than play to win, as this is a game dictated by chance.

UK Lotto

If you’re looking to play a more traditional choice of lottery games, try UK lotto at Diamond Jackpots. With UK lotto games choose from a wide range of classic lottery games to have fun with and enjoy. Much like Bingo games, who wins lottery games like the UK lotto is determined randomly by the outcome of the numbers.

This nature of a random win is part of what makes lottery games so attractive, and with such an extensive history the UK lotto has stood the test of time. To play, all you need to do is buy a ticket – again much like bingo games, and then see if you match numbers on the ticket to win. It’s as easy as that to win with lottery games.


One of the more unique lottery games at Diamond Jackpots, Thunderball lottery games are best for those looking for some high-octane drama. Thunderball is such an appealing choice of lottery games as it works much in the way that UK lotto games do, but with a twist.

With Thunderball lottery games at Diamond Jackpots, players simply pick five numbers to enter the Thunderball lotteries jackpot draw. These five numbers range from one and 39, and there’s one number which is known as the ‘thunderball’. This number ranges from one to 14. There’s an entry fee of £1 per line.

To win prizes with Thunderball lottery games, while the outcome is determined at random, there’s still a method to how the winner is chosen. Indeed, to win prizes with Thunderball lottery games at Diamond Jackpots all players do is match the Thunderball number or a minimum of three of the main numbers.


There are a number of great Powerball lottery games to play and enjoy at Diamond Jackpots, but just where did Powerball lottery games come from? A multi-state choice of lottery games initially, it runs in all six US states and elsewhere. In the US, it replaced the American lottery games in 1992, and was the first game to use two drums to pick winners.

Indeed, Powerball is one of the only lottery games which uses one drum for white balls and one for red balls – or power balls – which named these lottery games. Powerball lottery games offer one jackpot and this increases every time no winning jackpot ticket is sold.


One of the most popular choices of lottery games available to play at Diamond Jackpots, EuroJackpot features a mix of odd and even numbers. Unlike other lottery games, the aim is to choose three even numbers and two odd numbers on your ticket for a good chance at winning the jackpot.

Indeed, there is method to this EuroJackpot ticket picking madness – around 68 per cent of winning EuroJackpot tickets feature this odd/even pattern of numbers. EuroJackpot is one of the most popular lottery games across the world, and at Diamond Jackpots it’s one of the most iconic.

Last Thoughts Top Lotteries Online to Play

So whether you’re new to the online lottery gaming scene or a seasoned player, there are plenty of lottery games one must try to suit all levels. While you will prefer some lottery games over other versions, why not check out Diamond Jackpots today and see what you think?