What is the Polish Lotto?

Like most countries in Europe, Poland also has its own lottery.

A lottery is a national, televised game where players buy a ticket and the money made from lottery ticket sales is pooled into one massive jackpot, usually somewhere in the millions. The player that wins gets this max jackpot.

So, far so standard. But how does one play the polish lotto.

How to play the Polish lotto

To take part in the Polish lotto all you need to do is buy a lotto ticket. On this ticket will be a set of 6 numbers. During the live draw, 6 numbered balls will be drawn from a drum and the winner of the max jackpot is the player that matches all 6 of the numbers on their ticket to those drawn.

There are smaller jackpots available for those that match fewer numbers, almost like a lower paying pay line on a slot game at diamond jackpots.

The draw takes place every night at 9pm and so there is always an opportunity to grab a lotto ticket and join in with diamongjackpots.com

The Polish Mini Lotto

As well as the main lotto draw, Poland also has something that is called the mini lotto.

This is another lottery games that takes place after the main lotto and acts as an extra round or bonus game. Kind of like the many slot game bonuses on diamond jackpot.

Instead of picking 6 numbers, the player is asked to pick 5 and match these to the numbers that are drawn. The numbers drawn in the main lotto are picked from 49 possible numbers. In the mini lotto there are only 42 numbers. When the player needs to match five that is much lower odds than the main lotto game.

Perhaps this is why it is not as popular.

Bonus balls

In most standard lotto games there is the inclusion of bonus balls. These are usually an extra number that is chosen and can help increase the jackpot that a player stands to win.

I like to think of a bonus ball as a wild symbol from a slot game on diamond jackpots. It sole purpose is to help complete a pay line but does not pay out itself.

It isn’t just for the main jackpot either. The bonus ball can be used to help players with as little as three matched numbers on their lotto ticket.

Sadly, the Polish lotto does not feature such a bonus. This makes this lotto different from its counterparts in other parts of Europe and a much more unforgiving lottery game.

How to get your numbers

There are several ways to get your lotto numbers and it all starts with buying a ticket. It all depends on what type of lotto ticket you buy. There are:

With so many ways to play it is easy to see why the Polish lotto is one of the most popular lotto’s out there. It is even drawing in slot players from diamond jackpots.


The Polish lotto is a pretty standard lottery game all things considered.

Where the country of Poland does things differently is by replacing the bonus balls you would usually find with another mini lotto. This is makes winning a lottery jackpot much harder but all the more rewarding.

All it takes to play is stepping out the door or logging onto your PC and buying a lotto ticket. As the saying goes, the only way to win is to buy a ticket.