What is Thunderball?

The game of Thunderball is a part of the UK based lottery.

Camelot are a company that set up the national lottery in the United Kingdom and manage all of their lotto based games. The UK has many different lottery games from the main weekly lotto draw, the Euromillions, Saturday night lottery online and lotto scratch cards.

That is almost as much variety as Diamond Jackpot.

There is another lottery in the UK that is bit different than the rest. It is called the Thunderball and here is how it is played.

How to play Thunderball

Thunderball is a lottery games that requires players to buy a ticket. On this ticket will be 5 five main numbers.

There will be a live draw where numbered balls will be selected at random. There are 39 of these balls in total and the player needs to match these numbers to the ones on their ticket.

You win the max jackpot of 500,000 for matching 5 numbers and the Thunderball, more on that in a bit.

But it doesn’t stop there. You can also win a cash sum for a variation of other matched numbers, such a 4 and the Thunderball or 3 matches. You can even win if you only have one number. It’s not much but it is still a win.

This game can played by paying just £1 a line. Think of this as your stake in a slot game at diamond jackpot. But how do I get a Thunderball ticket?

Thunderball tickets

There are several ways that players can buy a lottery ticket for the Thunderball.

First, you can choose your numbers. When buying a ticket, you will be presented with a bunch of blank numbers. The player then has to fill in what numbers they think will appear plus what they think the Thunderball will be. These numbers can be utterly random or hold some lucky or sentimental value. It is all up to the player.

Another way to play is by buying a lucky dip ticket. A lucky dip is a ticket where the numbers are already printed in a line and the Thunderball is already chosen. This takes choice out of the equation and leaves everything up to chance.

It only costs £1 for a line of numbers and players can buy up to 7 lines of numbers on a lottery ticket and buy a maximum of 10 tickets. This is the highest that you can raise your odds.

The Thunderball

Earlier, I mentioned the Thunderball. This is the extra factor that makes the game of Thunderball different from all other lotteries.

This will be the last number drawn and the last that the player selects in a line. After you have seen how many numbers you have matched, you can check if you also have the Thunderball. If you do, you are still in with a chance of winning something from your ticket.

The Thunderball adds a sum to players who have only matched one number and you can even win something if you only get the Thunderball and no other numbers. It only rewards you with £3 but if you only bought 1 Thunderball ticket, you are still tripling your stake.

I find that it helps to consider the Thunderball as wild symbol in a slot game on diamond jackpots but with a twist. It helps complete pay lines to earn the max jackpot and it also pays out itself. That’s not bad for one number.


The Thunderball is one of those unique lotto games that rewards players for only getting one number.

The maximum jackpot might not be as high as some other lottery games, but there are more chances to win something. When a stake is only £1, you really stand to win much more than you would otherwise lose playing a huge game like the Euromillions.

Try the Thunderball lottery yourself to see if it for you. There are plenty of chances to play as it takes place 4 times a week. That is a lot and it won’t interrupt any of your slot game time on diamond jackpot.